Content strategy – or “Adding content’s easy, finding a reason to is not”

Bricklayer with a bricklayer's trowel

So, you have a site and you want it to expand – just add more content, right? Cause adding content to the site isn’t a problem: Storage is infinite and band-width is cheap. Even producing the content can be relatively low-cost (especially if you do it yourself). So there’s no problem with adding new pages […]

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WordPress Backup Plugins

WordPress backup plugins enables site owners and blog administrators to safely backup files and databases, to prevent losing entire WordPress installations and sites to occasional server errors and Hackers. Also, it’s recommended that you backup your WordPress installation and database before upgrading to the latest version of the Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is by […]

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Can SEO and User Experience Go Together?

Is it possible to blend SEO and user experience together in such a way that you achieve the SEO results you want and your readers and site users still have a positive experience at the same time?  Many websites and web marketers throw up their hands and simply conclude that it is impossible to give […]

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Infographics that influence – and why they do

Infographics, as we’ve previously written about, are a wonderful way to convey complex information in an accessible way – when correctly used. In this post I’ll give a couple of examples of good design and a couple of pointers for when you create your own. Three “classic” examples of infographics One of the top infographics […]

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How Infographics Can Help with Online Marketing

There are many different components that go into building a successful, robust and consistent online marketing campaign.  For those looking to generate long lasting results that build traffic over time, there are many successful tools that can be employed.  One of these tools comes in the form of infographics. Now you may not have used […]

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Successful user experience design for retail brands

When discussing design, we often talk about the purely visual concept, but the design of a site is so much more. In this post we’ll talk a bit about the design of flow – how the user experience is designed for making conversions. We’ll use two successful brands, Amazon and Apple, as examples of good […]

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