3 tips on getting out there and being recognized

As a whopping 95% of Swedish marketing directors consider social media mentions to be of importance for how the brand is percieved and four out of five saying the brand is affected by how it's acting online, there is little option than to take to the social seas and take control over how you are percieved. So, what to do? How do you begin? In this short list I'll just go with that you've already made the decision to be actively present on the web and give some advice on how to get a good start. Let's jump right into it!

1. Be strategic

[caption id="attachment_699" align="alignright" width="225"] Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net[/caption] Which social platforms are you going to use? With options ranging from Facebook and Google+ to Diaspora, Twitter and beyond, the choice might be troublesome, but still important. Put simply: if you're an image based company, it's probably better to put the major effort on Pinterest instead of MySpace. You'll want to assess which platforms fit your company and also how much time you are able and willing to spend building your presence there. If set up correctly, you could handle a good portion of your active social media presence during office hours - the rest will be managed just by you enjoying it enough to do it when you like.

2. Be choosy.

Don't follow, friend request or circle just anyone. Pick the ones you like and don't be afraid to not follow someone just because they're influential or popular. Chances are that if they say something important, you're going to see it soon via reposts by people you do follow. Also, don't limit yourself to just following people / brands that seems to be the strategic choice - follow real people too as they can give you real insight to what the customer wants.

3. Be nice.

Of course you're already nice, but here I'm talking about being actively helpful. When people come to you asking for advice - help out or point them in the right direction if you can. Interacting with people will give you a loyal customer base that will spread the word that your brand's the go-to company. [caption id="attachment_703" align="alignright" width="224"] Screenshot from Twitter.com[/caption] Even in the cases where someone just drops a snyde remark it can be worth it to help correct their misunderstanding - just don't be hostile about it. Take an example from the car brand Smart: when a guy on Twitter made a quip on how frail looking the small car looks, their social media team took the chance to inform him - and the world - about the safety specs of the car. And they did it in a both good looking and fun way. Other times, it's better to just let it slide. Cause if you can't make it better, at least don't make it worse.

That's it?

Well, no. To be truly magnificient and get a huge social media conversion it takes a bit more work, but the items listed above are generally a good start. So, be nice and attentive, have a strategy for how to handle both your social media channels and interactions with the public, and choose both who you connect with and how you interact and you'll have a solid foundation to build from.