4 free tools for monitoring your social media campaign

To get back to the promise in the post 7 metrics for your social media campaign, this will be about the tools. So here we present a list of 4 free tools for measuring your social media campaign. Most of these also have a paid version, but for a smaller company the free tools work just fine.


Logo for the free tool Addict-o-maticWhat does it do? This tool searches the major social media as well as some aggregated news sites of your choosing for any topic and displays an overview of the results on a comprehensive dashboard. An easy way to see where they're talking about you. Get it at: addictomatic.com


Logo for the free tool CrowdboosterWhat does it do? Crowdbooster's a tool for measuring performance on Twitter and Facebook via number of posts, follower growth, interactions, potential reach and more. Get it at: crowdbooster.com

Google Analytics

Logo for the free tool Google AnalyticsWhat does it do?

I almost wrote "What doesn't it do?!" but collected myself. This versatile analytics software is the tool for monitoring from where your site's visitors come from and how long they hang around. We here at Salo Consulting work with Google Analytics daily for a number of different insights and have written about a whole lot of nifty ways to use it, so check it out.

Get it at: www.google.com/analytics/


Logo for the free tool SharedCountWhat does it do? With SharedCount you get the numbers of shares as well as likes on the largest social media sites. Use these numbers to compare to the numbers of visits recorded by Google analytics to see on which platform your message got through effectively. Get it at: sharedcount.com

More free tools to come!

That's it for this first list, but as there are more tools launching, there will be more tool lists coming. If you know a tool that ought to be mentioned right away, please give us the heads up in the comments!