5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Improve Your SEO

Can blogging help you improve your SEO?  The short answer is, “Most definitely.”  You might not instantly think about the relationship between SEO and blogging, but one certainly exists.  Blogging will help you get noticed by search engines and, in this article, we are going to dive in and explore the key reasons that this is the case.

1. Google Likes Sites That Are Constantly Updated

Query Deserved Freshness - SALO Consulting There is no doubt about it, determining how Google “works” in terms of calculating where sites will pop up on search engine results can be a very tricky proposition.  But there are some facts that are very clear cut.  One such fact is that Google gives great weight to websites that are frequently updated.  The thinking behind this is that if a website is updated regularly, it is potentially providing new information that could be useful to everyone online.  This helps to at least get Google and other search engines looking at your site, and that means blogging can get you noticed.

2. Blogs Let You Incorporate Keywords

Keywords - SALO ConsultingHaving the right keywords and in the right density will make a substantial difference in how search engines rank you.  It also means that you can reach the kind of visitors that you want to reach, that is at least if you are strategic in your selection of keywords.  By blogging frequently, you can add more keywords to your site.  This increases the odds that web surfers will find your site via a search.

3. Blogging Means Linking

Linking - SALO ConsultingA great way to drive traffic to your website is by having other sites link to it.  One of the very best ways to make this happen is to blog often.  People may like your articles and promote them on their own website, blog or via social media, and this can drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your site.

4. Write Blog Content on a Regular Basis

Authority - SALO ConsultingSearch engines want to see that you are consistent in your creation of new content.  If you follow this step, you will get their attention.  This alone could translate to a lot of new visitors finding your page!

5. Be Relevant and You Will Be Rewarded

Quality - SALO ConsultingAbove all else, you need to generate content that is relevant and interesting.  There are far too many websites and blogs that are simply producing large amounts of content simply trying to get noticed by search engines.  Simply stated, this is not the path that you want to take.  Instead you should be looking to produce high-quality, well-written and interesting content that in some way helps your readers.  If you can do that, you will get noticed by both search engines and potential clients alike! --
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Images & Infographic courtesy of searchengineland.com