Digital Analytics Specialist

As the Digital Analytics Specialist you will be joining a company with high growth ambitions. You will be responsible for the daily operations with regards to setting up, implement & secure our clients web analytics framework. Digital Analytics lies at the very core of many of our clients digital business and considered a crucial function within all of their digital marketing activities. Therefore it’s vital that both from a technical and statistical perspective, you have a good relationship with the client’s internal stakeholders, communications, digital marketers, IT and other external agencies. The role of the Digital Analytics Specialist requires operational know-how in the below areas of expertise: The Digital Analytics Specialist will sit among a small team of digital marketing experts, most often at our clients offices and together with professionals in Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email and Content Marketing, you will be one key part of the client’s internal organization. Qualifications & Skills We expect you to be competent in the following areas:   SALO Consulting offers an attractive career opportunity with individual freedom, much responsibility and the opportunity to be part of an exciting growth journey. You will become a key figure in the company's expansion and in addition to a great work environment with professional colleagues; you get the opportunity to work directly with some of the largest brands in Scandinavia. Since we started in 2010 we have fine-tuned our service packages and offerings, and today we are frequently hired within Search Engine Marketing, Digital Analytics, Content & Frontend development, Social Media & Information Architecture/UX. We offer specialist know-how but also strategic directions and work directly with our clients to achieve a profitable business among many different industries, E.g; Shipping, Logistics, Home Improvement, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Travel, Culture, Banking and the Energy sector.   The employment is full time. Selection and interviews will be on going. Welcome with your application!   / Per Salomonsson Email: per (at) Mobile: 070-37 60 205