How Infographics Can Help with Online Marketing

[caption id="attachment_1738" align="alignleft" width="115"]SALO Consulting - Cappuccino Infographics Image courtesy of[/caption] There are many different components that go into building a successful, robust and consistent online marketing campaign.  For those looking to generate long lasting results that build traffic over time, there are many successful tools that can be employed.  One of these tools comes in the form of infographics. Now you may not have used infographics for online marketing before, but rest assured this is an effective and cost-effective approach that is worth exploring.  Let’s take a look at infographics and why you might want to build them into your online marketing endeavors.  After all, infographics haven’t become wildly popular by accident!

Infographics Are Visually Compelling

Not all infographics are visually compelling.  But the good ones, the ones that drive lots of traffic, are visually interesting and serve to grab a web surfer’s attention.  Most people are very visual.  The simple fact is that images stand out.  Text online is "very 1998," and people now expect much more in terms of presentation.  If you can write compelling text and also have an eye-grabbing image, infographics will deliver. Some great Infographics throughout the year

Infographics Are Great for Sharing

One of the key reasons that infographics have enjoyed such a rapid growth in popularity is that they are easy and fun for people to share.  Since these images convey information easily and in a fashion that is quickly digestible, they are wildly popular in social media.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg all see a great deal of infographics used.  When many inbound links go directly to your site, it will greatly assist your SEO.

How Can You Get In On Using Infographics?

If you create a great looking and informative infographic then by all means include the code at the bottom of your blog posts!  In this way, you are giving people an easy way that they can share quickly via social media.  In fact, you should remind them politely that they can use your infographic.  Quite often people will share your content on Facebook and Twitter.  With a little luck, you might even see your infographic go viral, which would translate to a great deal of traffic flowing to your website!

Don’t Forget Your Keywords!

Just as keywords are essential for your blog postings, the same is true for your infographics.  All of your infographics should have your keywords in the file name and preferably in the page name too. Many people that are using infographics forget this key point, but it is an easy step and could help you generate good levels of traffic.  If you really want to get the most out of your infographics, don’t forget this very important step. Last, but not least Your new favorite whiteboard infographic by RSA Animate; Manuel Lima - The Power of Networks   Feel free to share your favorite Infographic by leaving a comment below!