Interest based Twitter Ads

Twitter just announced that the company moves towards interest based twitter Ads and targeting, advertisers can now target promoted tweet campaigns based on "interest". Not only do the company roll out two types of interest based targeting, they're also lowering the minimum bid amount to 1 cent.

Two types of Interest based Twitter ads

For a broader reach, pick from more than 350 different interest categories, ranging from Music to Sports and Fashion to Science, nicely presented in a 2-level interest hierarchy of top vs sub-level categories. Interest based Twitter Ads For a more precise reach, marketeers can now fully amplify messages by targeting users who share interests with your followers. Using this approach can help you target specific @usernames (e.g @saloconsulting) that you think are relevant to the topic or product you are looking to promote. Interest based Targeted AdsPut simply By creating custom segments you are extending your reach to users with similar interests to that @username's followers (However, you cannot specifically target the followers of that @username).

140 Million active users

Twitter also announced that the "real-time interest graph" can deliver interest based Twitter ads to over 140 Million monthly active accounts/users. The company also says that the new advertising feature will help you reach beyond your followers & target a more relevant audience than ever before.