Picking a Good Domain Name

Before you create your website, you will need to pick a good domain for it. A domain is an address that potential clients will need to type into their browsers to find your web page. While it is often advisable that your domain name simply be the name of your business, there are many factors that might make this impossible for you and you will have to get somewhat creative. The biggest cause of this is simply that someone else has taken the name before you for their own business. In some rare cases, malicious Internet users known as “squatters” may have violated the "Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act" and registered your company’s domain name intentionally to benefit from traffic that should have rightfully been going to you, but this is becoming rarer and there are ways to appeal the process.  

Keywords and Domain Names

You do not always have to use the name of your business in the domain name or you can combine your business name with something else; perhaps with keywords about what you do. For instance, a plumber working in London might have the words “londonplumber” in their domain name. This will be an easy way for their potential clients to find their website and can also help with branding your company.  

Finding a Good Hosting Provider

You can always ask professional SEM companies to find you a good hosting provider for your website if you do not know where to start. These do not cost very much and you will be able to have them customized for precisely what your business needs. You can also use a Keyword research tool to help you find good domain names by looking at popular keywords in your niche.