Wordpress Backup Plugins

Wordpress backup plugins enables site owners and blog administrators to safely backup files and databases, to prevent losing entire Wordpress installations and sites to occasional server errors and Hackers. Also, it's recommended that you backup your Wordpress installation and database before upgrading to the latest version of the Content Management System (CMS). Wordpress is by far the most favorable weapon of choice compared to other publishing platforms today, and the interest over time in terms of search volumes have steadily increased each year. Search Volume Spread among the most popular Content Management Systems to date Some Wordpress backup plugins only do database backups, others can do secure backup's to FTP, Amazon and even dropbox. This blog post will guide you through Wordpress backups, and lastly list three of the best Wordpress backup plugins currently available on the web. But let's start with the "Why should i care?".  

Why should i backup Wordpress?

Backups are important because problems will inevitable occur sooner or later, and you need to make sure you know what actions to take when disaster strikes. If you're a responsible site owner or a blog administrator looking after and maintaining a website, you should consider backing up the database and your Wordpress installation to secure the site from: Furthermore, your Wordpress database contains every Page, Post, Comment and Link you did ever publish on your site. Imagine your database accidentally went corrupted or entirely erased, you stand to lose everything you have written. Backup your database regularly & always before an Wordpress upgrade. When backing up your Wordpress installation you should aim to backup your entire site, meaning both the Database and your Wordpress Files. Normally, a Wordpress site contains the following components:  

Best Wordpress Backup PlugIns

In a time of constant security threats, your site needs to be backed-up every once in a while. Various plugins exists, but the quality of the different services spans from excellent to quite poor. In order to help you manage your Wordpress backup easily we would like to push forward and highlight three Wordpress backup plugins available today.  The Plugin Directory at Wordpress.org holds the full list of Backup Plugin's, which of we recommend using one of the following Backup services: Wordpress Backup Plugin - BackWPup BackWPUp Wordpress Backup Plugin - BackupifyBackupify Wordpress Backup Plugin - BackupBuddy   BackupBuddy